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Q-dees Fliptec Programmes

Bismilahirahmanirahim... Dengan nama Allah yang maha pemurah lagi maha Mengasihani
 Assalamualaikum everyone..

Today, i would like to share u about Q-dees kindergarten Fiptec Programmes. Since i work there, i become creative person because all the item that i need, everything there. U can create origami, coloring, hand craft and more. That is because i like to work at Q-dees kindergarten.

The students learning at there are very interesting, Let me explain....

Q-dees Fliptec programmes (English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Character Building, Music, Art & Craft) provide a powerful learning opportunity which uses a multimedia platform, complete with sounds, lively and colourful animation, songs, rhymes and stories to make the learning process more fun and interesting.
It develops your child's creativity as well as cultivates his or her love of 
learning by concentrating on these five important elements:-

F:FOCUS - increase your child's focus and concentration through the use of animation, sounds, stories, movies and songs.

L:LEARNING - Multiply your child's intelligence with real learning experiences so that he/she can understand, think and apply knowledge more quickly and easily.

I:IMAGINATIVE - Develop your child's imagination into creative thinking skills by using specially created images.

P:PLAY - Encourage and stimulate your child's interest in learning through a range of fun-filled activities.

TEC:TECHNOLOGY - Maximise your child's learning potential through the use of the state-of-the-art technology.

Come Discover a whole new world of learning at Q-dees at Putrajaya. Q-dees moulds your child into a well-rounded individual through our unique and specialised programmes 

Why send your child to other different centres while he/she can enjoy our ALL-IN-ONE programmes offered at our centre: -

Fliptec@Q English Programme
Fliptec@Q Bahasa Malaysia Programme
Fliptec@Q Mandarin Programme
Fliptec@Q Music Programme
Fliptec@Q Character Building Programme
Fliptec@Q Art & Craft Programme
Fliptec@Q Early Discovery Programme
Q-dees I.Q Maths Programme
Q-dees one to one Reading Programme
Q-dees Science and Discovery Programme
Q-dees Gymflex Programme
Pendidikan Islam (For Muslim Children)

note: same with my learning course at university in subject information literacy..interesting!

Dah baca,click banner disidebar ni yer..TQ

3 1000 something to say:

najah salwa ismail

Menarik...sy merancang nk antr ank sy tahun depan berumur 6 tahun. brapa ramai student 6 tahun ye?

Putri N@ilofar

@najah salwa ismailsorry puan..now tadika sudah berpindah ke KL.tq

Putri N@ilofar

@najah salwa ismailsorry puan..now tadika sudah berpindah ke KL.tq

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